Installation EDUCATION 16 Sep 2010

RCF in MOHE building

When it came to equipping the new building for the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) in Riyadh City, the winning combination was RCF, with over 60 years’ experience in audio systems design, and KHALDI EST, who themselves boast 40 years of operation in the field of auditorium AV and low-current systems. The two leading companies have been working together for the past seven years in many successful projects.
The MOHE building is considered to be one of the major projects in the new era development in Saudi Arabia. KHALDI EST specialises in delivering turnkey projects and, as the new MOHE building requirements called for cutting edge technology, the latest products from RCF were specified. The Ministry auditorium was designed to seat 850 people, and, part of the A/V system design, was to link the main auditorium with the Ministerial office (and other meeting rooms) within the building facility via LAN — plus the possibility to communicate via internet broadband with other remote locations.
The acoustic sound calculation and measurements were based on the latest RCF L2406 full range, highly intelligible, compact two-way speaker column arrays, with vertical controlled directivity. Designed for speech and music reproduction, L 2406 is suited for a variety of fixed applications where the critical acoustical environment or architectural constraints requires controlling the vertical acoustic dispersion.
Handling the low end extension is a S4012 subwoofer, with system optimization provided by an RCF DX4008 4-in/8 out digital loudspeaker management system. Supplying the power are RCF’s HC2000 2x 1000W Class H amplifier and HC1600 2 x 800W Class H amplifiers.
KHALDI EST also installed the latest RCF FORUM 2000 simultaneous translation system, with four-language set up and 200 delegate units. Included in this system were the STU2200 digital radio transmitting unit, FMU 9100 central unit conferencing system, SIS2411X interpreter console, SHI2612 interpreter headphones, SDR2599 100-channel simultaneous translation pocket receiver, SRH2601 stethoscope headphones and other accessories.
“We have been specifying RCF components from the moment we started our business co-operation, and for this installation, which required high speech intelligibility and simultaneous translation, RCF had perfectly matched components,” stated installation project team leader (and executive manager), Engr. Amer Alkhaldi, who was assisted by project manager, Dr. Engr. Mohammad Fouad. “We highly recommend RCF components to clients on all applications, whether small, medium or large.” In fact the latest project to adopt RCF is the newly-approved King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) in Riyadh.