Installation HOTELS AND SPA 20 Apr 2023

RCF Delivers 5-Star Sound at Arzaga QC Wellness Resort

Brescia, Italy - Immersed in a large park and golf club, the 5-star spa and wellness resort, QC Terme di Arzaga, is the latest development of the QC group, known in Europe and worldwide for prestigious wellness centers, spas, spa hotels and resorts. To guarantee a complete relaxation experience, QC Terme renewed its partnership with RCF for the installation of multi-zone audio systems inside the structure with over 70 speakers, all amplified by RCF Business Music systems.

QC Termegarda was born within Palazzo Arzaga, an ancient Renaissance palace from the 15th century that rises between the hills of Lake Garda. The history, dating back to the times of the Most Serene Republic of Venice, harmoniously combines with the latest technologies for human wellness. Thanks to careful planning, implementation, and management of spas and wellness centers, the philosophy of wellness of the ancient Romans 'Salus Per Aquam' is reinterpreted in a modern approach.

In collaboration with QC Audio Video Designer Gilles Cheney, the RCF Engineering Support Group design team developed two separate projects for the hotel and the SPA. The installation provides a wide range of installed and weather-protected loudspeakers with high humidity resistance including compact 2-way loudspeakers DM 41 and DM 41-B, two-way loudspeakers MR 40T and three-way column loudspeakers L2406T, as well as PL 6X ceiling-mounted luminaires. Due to architectural constraints in the resort structure, in particular, the L2406T is installed on a custom floor support stand developed by QC Terme to allow cables to reach from the floor.

The multi-zone audio systems are amplified by several Business Music products. The DMA 82 and 162 amplifiers are managed by special software via a PC. Thanks to this software, users can create different “musical folders” for each zone and program on/off and another musical folder can change schedule settings at a different output volume. For example, at a certain time, a musical folder will change the volume setting in the aperitif area. The system can also be managed remotely, changing music playlists and volumes without having to go on-site.

Gilles Cheney, Audio Video Designer of QC Terme di Arzaga comments “We have been using RCF systems for over a decade in QC Terme spaces, always obtaining quality results and guaranteeing our customers the utmost sound quality, even with situations of very high humidity, typical of SPA."

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