Corporate 23 Jan 2020


The RCF catalogue extends the installation range at Integrated Systems Europe, assisting the architect and installer with application-focused series of high-quality products. The new RCF BUSINESS MUSIC line offers a complete range of products enabling Commercial Audio systems to be designed for both background and foreground music. It is conceived for all applications that require high audio quality, flexibility, and scalable architecture, allowing the distribution of different audio feeds in different environments, each with specific volume and equalization needs. It is the perfect solution from small to large installations, combining uncompromised sound quality, full processing features, exceptional power, easy configuration, and high scalability. The target application range is extremely wide and varies from retail stores to bars and restaurants, meeting rooms, education or public facilities, and in general to any A/V application. The new BUSINESS MUSIC line includes both Amplifiers and Speakers, with the aim of offering complete sound solutions and maximization of the overall acoustic performance.

Amplifiers feature an extremely compact size (1/2 rack unit width and 1 rack unit height) making them ideal for both desktop and rack installation (with the dedicated optional accessory). Their accurate design, together with environmental robustness (IP 30 protection grade and high-efficiency thermal dissipation), represents a crossover point between professional and consumer markets. There are two Digital Mixer Amplifiers models, the DMA 82 (2 x 80W) and DMA 162 (2 x 160W), combining a powerful DSP platform with recallable speaker presets. These are factory-created and available on the website so that the user only has to set parameters for the environment rather than the speakers. The configuration is either via the front panel with a dedicated user interface and OLED display or RDNet, using the optional board, while it will also be possible to control some of the features of the device from third-party systems via a serial protocol to integrate with other systems. Finally, DMA can distribute four audio channels to satellite DPA units, allowing easy installation and scalable architecture.
With on-board signal processing, the DPA 162 can be used to increase the installed power and build multi- room architecture after receiving a processed audio signal from the four-channel bus on just a single CAT5 cable BUS (with local stereo input alternative). Routing to power outputs can easily be affected via the DIP switch, while configuration can also be carried out using RDNet. Each unit can receive two mono or a single stereo channel from the 4-channel audio bus, with a local stereo input as an alternative. It also has a line output for the subwoofer. Expanding the features further are the RC 401 Remote Control and the BM 404 Paging Console. They can be used in conjunction with the DMA units. RC 401 offers basic Volume Control and Source Select; BM 404 can manage up to four zones, with up to four paging consoles connected in a daisy-chain fashion, interlocked.
Speakers offer an acoustic performance inspired by RCF’s top-of-the-line audio products and high-value industrial design features. MF 33EN is a ceiling speaker designed for recess installation in false ceilings or panels. For wall mount installation, WMF 33EN speaker is available. While being a high-quality device for background music, the self-extinguishing EN54-24 certified cabinet and the highly intelligible voice reproduction make it perfect for voice-alarm and evac messages. RCF has also produced two Monitor speaker models — the MR 40T and MR 50T, both 2-way bass reflex speakers. Unlike their predecessors, these are now sold in pairs (in either white or black), with special bracketry designed for wall mounting, either individually or in clusters of four. Also on display, with five passive speakers models ranging from 5” to 12” woofer size, the COMPACT M series is perfectly suited to every environment with its sleek and neutral design, providing excellent acoustic performance for both background and foreground music, alone or accompanied by the 10-inch SUB S 10 and the 12-inch SUB S 12 subwoofers, delivering output power normally achievable with larger cabinets.
The RCF booth will also feature RDNet compatible VSA II Vertical Steerable Array models, with improved quality for highly reverberant spaces and a new additional black color and the new TT 4 series, with three new rider friendly speakers designed to deliver top quality sound for highly demanding events, both indoors or outdoors, small to medium sized areas and high quality installations. Its design provides the audio engineer with the best tonal balance and intelligibility while offering different design options, both in vertical and horizontal arrangement. TTL 4-A (line array), TTW 4-A (wide dispersion) and TTP 4-A (point source) are equipped with 2 x 10” LF woofers and high performance 4.0" compression driver on a rotatable/swappable waveguide. The TTL 4-A waveguide is 100° x 25°, the TTW 4-A offers 100° x 50° dispersion and the TTP 4- A is 60° x 25°. All models are powered by 2 x 800W RMS Class D amplifiers.
Come visit us at RAI – Amsterdam, 11/14 February 2020 - Booth 7-R200