Event 29 Nov 2016

RCF P Series proves to be the best choice for G20's outdoor audio-visual projection shows

The G20 Summit is undoubtedly one of the most important events in world political and economic calendar. Its latest edition, in September 2016, was held in Hangzhou, China, and was only the second G20 convention to be held in an Asian country. The Summit took place in the newly-built Hangzhou International Conference and Exhibition Centre, strategically located in a modern and well-served area of Hangzhou. The large and spectacular external area around the building was freely accessible during the days of the Summit and hosted breathtaking audio-visual projections that entertained a large public, arriving from the whole region of Zhejian and abroad.
The shows were reinforced with an RCF sound system that comprised 32 P Series loudspeakers, installed both on the ground and on the building’s external walls. The main features of RCF’s P Series are highly efficient coaxial designs, excellent intelligibility and a weatherproof design offering high-rating protection. States Mr. Jiang Chao, general manager of CD Stage company, RCF’s local partner: “We are very satisfied with the outcome of the project. RCF P Series is a powerful line of weatherproof loudspeakers that guarantees a reliable, high-quality performance. The sound of the audio-visual shows was heard clearly across the entire coverage area, ,and the public was delighted throughout the summit.”
CD Stage is a long-standing investor in RCF’s products, with several notable projects being completed every year in China, such as the recently equipped theatre of Zhaoqing University in Guangdong.