Installation SPORTS AND STADIUMS 11 Nov 2011

RCF reinforces new Ilie Oana Stadium

RCF reinforces new Ilie Oană Stadium, Romania
Ilie Oană Stadium is a football stadium in Ploiesti, Romania and is the current home of the football club FC Petrolul Ploiești. The stadium opened in September 2011 and has a seating capacity of 15,500 people.
The construction has been built in the place of the former Ilie Oană Stadium, which was completed in 1937. The old stadium was demolished and a complete new stadium has been built featuring all top modern facilities and already appointed by UEFA to host the group matches and semi-finals of the Champions League.
The new stadium is named after Ilie Oană, a famous player and coach. The Ilie Oană Stadium will together with the national stadium be the most modern stadium in Romania and at the same time it will represent a turning point for stadium constructions in the country. It meets all the requirements according to UEFA standards and top facilities for mass media and journalists with two TV studios, nine transmission platforms and much more.
A state of the art RCF audio system has been installed to cover all areas of the stadium. Romanian RCF distributor FBS Lines provides the audio system project.
The audio system design for the Ilie Oană Stadium was done in collaboration with the RCF project department that specified the individual product system solution, documentation, acoustical simulation, measurement and more.
”Simply a milestone installation. Everything has been working according to the plans and we have ended up with a superb solution for the Ilie Oană Stadium and we are receiving many positive comments about our work. It has been great to see that the investment into a modern audio system solution is on the same high level as all the other segments that are within the stadium construction. It was important for us to be part of this project from the beginning and it also secured that we could supply the optimal solution. I am sure that this installation will add future references to RCF in our country”, says Kalman – FBS Lines
The tribune sections of the stadium are covered by 24 pcs RCF P6215 and 28 pcs RCF P4228 speakers.
The P6215 is a weatherproof full range; wide-dispersion, coaxial two-way loudspeaker systems for very high output and longer throw applications. The high-frequency section is a constant directivity CMD horn loaded to a 1.3” RCF Precision Neodymium compression driver with a 2.5” diaphragm assembly for smooth, wide dispersion. The low frequency transducer is a 15” woofer with a 3” voice coil. The cabinet is equipped with 12 x M10 brass inserts, a stainless steel U-Bracket and pair of spacers for 90° mounting. P6215 meets the requirements of IP 55 code (International Protection Rating).
The RCF P4228 is a weatherproof full range, wide-dispersion, two-way loudspeaker system offering substantial power and efficiency for a variety of professional indoor or outdoor applications; it meets the requirements of IP 55 code (International Protection Rating). The high frequency section is a constant directivity CMD horn loaded with a 1.4” RCF Precision Neodymium compression driver with a 2.5” diaphragm assembly for smooth, wide dispersion. The low-frequency transducer is a double 8” woofer with a 2.5” voice coil.
The amplification for the sound system is done with 6 pcs RCF DPS 3000, a 2-channel power amplifier that can handle exceptionally high power ratings in a compact and lightweight 2 units rack space, and 8 pcs RCF HPS 2500, a 2 channel power amplifier that delivers up to 2 x 1400 W RMS @ 2 Ω (2800 W RMS bridged @ 4 Ω).
The system is controlled by 2 pcs RCF DX 4008 digital loudspeaker management units. All installed in 2 pcs 26U racks with additional RCF electronics such as RCF M1033 CD-USB MP3 FM Tuner and more.
With several km´s of 4x4 cable installed all over the Ilie Oană Stadium the RCF system is now in work. So just like the recent RCF audio installation at the Juventus Stadium the audience attending the football matches of FC Petrolul Ploiești will experience a perfect and balanced audio when watching their teams effort to score some goals.
See the installation video here.
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