Event 18 Feb 2013

RCF's masterpiece to match Rembrandt

Adjoining the famous Escape Club on Amsterdam’s fashionable Rembrandtplein, and also owned by experienced entrepreneurs, Ton and Dick Poppes, the new Kitchen & Bar Van Rijn has opened in the style of a grand café, with a terrace and upstairs area.
Inspired by the beauty and the masterpieces of Rembrandt van Rijn, following a substantial investment, guests can enjoy authentic Dutch cuisine in a cosmopolitan atmosphere with open kitchen, whole listening to music through a premium RCF sound reinforcement system.
In fact premium is the watchword, since installer Mike Ho, of locally based service company 24/7 Audio, specified a TTL11-A active steerable column array, requiring only two systems with two presets to service all the requirements — literally 24/7 (including live music and a DJ on weekends).
“I first heard this system under demo at RCF’s headquarters in Italy, and was so blown away that I couldn't wait to use it. Since the requirement at Kitchen & Bar was multifunctional, this presented the first opportunity.”
“The owners have been doing this for more than 30 years and one was a DJ back in the day — so we both know the importance of good audio.”
A popular addition to RCF’s Touring & Theatre series, the system is composed of two modules, TTL11A-H for the mid-high and TTL11A-B for the bass frequencies. It is run here with separate sub bass extension and is digitally steerable down to -10°.
Since it is used for live artists, DJ, various live playback devices and a pianist at a grand piano, Mike Ho has judiciously processed the sound with two different presets — one for daytime, the other for after dark.
“The TTL11-A provides a unique solution. I would have hung 20 or more conventional speakers to produce a result that delivers coverage to all four corners of this huge restaurant. And people are telling me they don't even notice the speakers because they are so discreet!"
“Everyone is delighted with the quality of the sound; it’s crisp and clear and genuinely multi-purpose.”