Event 03 Mar 2008

TT+ amplify the inauguration ceremony of the new Boeing 747 fuselage

On the 11th of February the new Boeing 747 fuselage was inaugurated in the Alenia plants in Composite di Grottaglie, Italy. Many people attended at the event in which spoke also Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, the Italian Industrial Association's President .
The sound system was installed by Mr. Graziano Radicci of the company Idea Concerti with the consulting of RCF for the acoustic design of the event. The huge plant, in fact, was filled with metallic structures that could damage, due to the massive reverberation of the sound, the intelligibility of the speeches. The RCF's Team went on the spot for a survey and developed, with special software, the acoustic design in order to choose the right speaker system and their its right set-up.
The TT+ High Definition Touring and Theatre line of speakers, wich has been already used in various situations by Idea Concerti, was chosen for the event. The Sound System was composed by 2 clusters of 4 TTL33-A Line Array Modules each and 4 TT22-A speakers as a front fill.
Mr. Graziano Radicci said: "the system worked perfectly, offering an uniform sound dispersion in all the vast area. RCF is a company that offers a constant support, allowing its clients to operate always in the best conditions."

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