Music reinforcement made compact

COMPACT M is a multi-purpose two-way full-range passive speaker series, suitable for a wide range of applications. Its sound quality and compactness combine with an elegant design and accurate finishing to make the COMPACT M series the perfect choice for any environment. Excellent acoustic performance for both background and foreground music.
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Multipurpose sound

Elegant design aesthetics and RCF signature sound quality that delivers a supreme audio experience in any application, from restaurants and retail shops to clubs, corporate spaces and venues. Available in six sizes - starting from 4-inch to 12-inch woofers with excellent acoustic performance for both background and foreground music.
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Sports facilities
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Improve the audio atmosphere

Music supports engagement and improves the feeling of hospitality in the environment,
especially if the perceived sound quality is higher.
RCF’s Compact M Series is designed specifically for optimal performance in both background music and high-powered foreground audio.

Black & white

When in need of a particular appearance, matching the colour of interiors, or searching for a stylish, minimalistic sound system for your next DJ set, we can provide you with a full set of white speakers — a tough coating for wooden speakers or a robust white polypropylene composite material for portable systems, pole included, in perfect fashion. Purity and elegance, all available to be included in corporate gigs, weddings, and houses of worship.
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Optimal sound performance

The available SPL level and low distortion characteristics go way beyond what is usually expected of a compact solution.

The transducers innovators

High sensitivity and Hi-Fi sound quality with meticulously selected components.
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Wide coverage, elegant design

Smooth and wide frequency response with constant coverage, thanks to the CMD wave-guided compression driver.

Engage your customers

Compact dimensions and an impressive ratio of size/weight to SPL output: Let your audience enjoy an immersive musical experience.
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Smooth installation

COMPACT M speakers embody the functionality and style you expect of Italian design, always in harmony with the installation environment. Available in a wide range of models for all sizes and power levels, the Compact M series gives you the optimal combination to match with any coverage need. Moreover, the rotatable horn and RCF logo allow both vertical and horizontal speaker installation.

All models are built of high-quality wood, with multiple rigging points for a convenient flying/hanging installation. Thanks to the range of accessories, installation time is minimal. If needed, the EUROBLOCK connection panel can be replaced with a female Neutrik SpeakON one.
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