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Energize your Sound

IPS are high-performance, versatile 2U power amplifiers for install applications, using sophisticated Class-H topology for two single-channel outputs, two parallel outputs, or a single-channel bridge operativity. High quality, low distortion audio output, flawless reliability and safety, industry-standard speakON connectors, and binding post terminals make IPS Series electronics the workhorse solution for mobile sound systems and permanent installation applications.
Fast response and low distortion
Stereo, parallel, bridge modes
Extensive protection circuits
Variable speed cooling system
Signal, clip, fault led indicators
Limiter on each channel
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The Advantage of Class H

Class-H amplifiers modulate the supply voltage to the amplifier output devices so that it is never higher than necessary to support the signal swing. This reduces dissipation across the output devices connected to that supply and allows the amplifier to operate with an optimized efficiency, regardless of output power level. Up to full power, a Class-H design will require less energy than a pure class AB design, and is better suited for high-power applications.

Remarkable Audio Performance

With a very high signal-to-noise ratio, IPS amplifiers also boast a very low total harmonic distortion, making it perfect for highly demanding music applications hence delivering perfect vocal intelligibility.
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Channel B output to loudspeakers (SPEAKON and BINDING POST connectors). Do not use this output if the amplifier is set to BRIDGE mode. See both ‘Operation modes’ and ‘SPEAKON connector wiring’ manual sections.

Channel A output to loudspeakers (SPEAKON and BINDING POST connectors). If the amplifier is set to BRIDGE mode, only connect this output. See both ‘Operation modes’ and ‘SPEAKON connector wiring’ manual sections.

3     CH A INPUT
Channel A balanced audio input (female XLR connector).

4     CH A LINK
Channel A balanced parallel audio output (male XLR connector). This output is linked in parallel with the channel A input and is useful to link another amplifier.

5     SENSITIVITY switch
Set the sensitivity switch to either 0.775 V or 1.4 V, which is input signal voltage required to get the maximum power output from the amplifier.
Channel B balanced audio input (female XLR connector).

7     CH B LINK
Channel B balanced parallel audio output (male XLR connector). This output is linked in parallel with the channel B input and is useful to link another amplifier.

8     MODE switch
Before turning the amplifier on, set the amplifier mode selector to the right position among BRIDGE, PARALLEL (mono) and STEREO. See the ‘Operation modes’ manual section.

9     RESET button
Push this button to reset the amplifier when is muted due to the thermal protection.
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Self-protecting Architecture

IPS Amplifiers implement several safety strategies protecting both the amplifier and the sound system, including an effective peak limiting protection for the transducers. The temperature-controlled continuous variable speed double-fan system (front to back), combined with the high-efficiency heat sinks, allows the amplifier to maintain the optimal working temperature, no matter the environmental temperature or the power output. The circuit is protected from overheating and short circuits, also including protections against infrasonic DC and Very High Frequency (VHF) peaks from non-musical signals that could damage transducers.

Customized Quality Control

All amplifier modules are subjected to rigorous quality testing during the production process. Each device is quality controlled with automated equipment and human supervision. Our QC process ensures that every individual amplifier module performs at best off the production line and into the box. This unique system ensures extremely tight quality loops, securing a high overall quality level.
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