Fully-featured compact digital mixer

M 20X is a fully recallable mixer, with 16 remote controlled preamps and 11 motorized faders. Despite its dimensions, the M 20X packs a whole suite of capabilities, such as high-profile preamplifiers, top of class DSP with studio-quality processing, WiFi remote control and a comprehensive set of multitrack recording and playback functions. The mixer offers a total of 20 analog inputs and 14 output channels, between the balanced analog outputs and the AES/EBU digital output.

Designed for professionals

Touring grade metal construction and reliable electronics, for the best durability over time. High contrast graphics and knobs, premium quality connectors and long-lasting controls increase both functionality and durability over time. The universal voltage power supply makes it perfect for worldwide use, providing the ability to travel safely with your mixer, everywhere.

Internal Effects
2 simultaneous digital reverbs.
SD card Play&Rec
20 tracks at 24-bit, 48 kHz.
Internal usb audio interface.
24 x 24 channels and MIDI at 24-bit, 48 kHz.
Compact form factor.
Rackmountable with accessories.
5 inch touch tft.
Highly responsive capacitive touch.
Motorized faders
10 channels + master faders.
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Speed up your workflow

The M 20X user interface has been designed so that every parameter is reachable within a few actions.

User keys
A set of 8 User Keys with extensive programming options is always available, and offer immediate control of scene selection, play/record transport, tap tempo, user interface shortcuts.
Fader layers and fader view
4 layers of fader assignments allow immediate access to input channels 1-10 and 11-20, to FX returns and outputs. The FADER VIEW button shows all fader details on a single screen view.
Motorized faders
11 x 100-mm motorized faders allow precise mix control with immediate visual feedback. Special care has been taken to minimize movement noise.
Cue monitor
The unit can be monitored at any time via the CUE bus, which features a real-time analyzer (RTA) and output via headphones.
Capacitive touch screen
A highly responsive 5-inch TFT touchscreen offers intuitive navigation of all the available features and can be optionally paired with an external tablet for extended control.
USB host ports
Two USB host ports on the top panel are available for WiFi dongles, USB-MIDI devices, and USB mass storage devices that can be used for stereo audio record/ playback, system backups, and firmware updates.
SD card multitrack section
An integrated SD card multitrack engine offers a maximum of 20 simultaneous tracks at 24-bit, 48 kHz, with extensive routing options.
14 Buses
The MIX SELECT buttons assign one of the 14 mixes to the physical faders; choosing among four effect buses, 8 MIX buses, and the MAIN mix bus. The MASTER fader is always associated with the output level of the selected bus.

Record and playback

The M 20X offers several options for recording and playback.
Internal SD Multitrack Record/Playback
All 20 inputs can be recorded in multitrack WAV format on the local SD card, and played back as channel inputs, no computer required.
Multichannel USB 2.0 Audio Interface
A 24-track, 24-bit, 48-kHz low-latency USB audio interface is available and allows access to all inputs and several internal signal nodes. Extensive routing options allow both offline soundcheck and host-based effects processing.
USB Srive Stereo Player/Recorder
A flexible stereo file player can access USB mass storage devices (up to four different drives), with arbitrary sample rate, in MP3, WAV, and AIFF formats.
Three recording options
Capturing multitrack recordings of your shows has never been so easy. Multitrack audio can be handled via the onboard USB 2.0 Digital Audio Interface, for a maximum of 24 x 24 channels, and through the internal SD-card multitrack player/recorder, no computer required. In addition, a USB stereo multimedia player and recorder is available, handling multiple file formats (WAV, MP3, AIFF).
Input processing
Each of the 20 inputs features a 12 dB/oct HPF, noise gate, a compressor/de esser (ch 1-16 only), a flexible 4-band parametric EQ, a delay line, and channel presets with copy and paste utilities; the source can be selected between the analog input, the USB Audio Interface, the SD card player, into different insert points for maximum flexibility. A SEND VIEW page allows immediate verification of send levels on all busses for the specified input channel, including on/off and pre/post information.
Full live mixing experience
Quick parameter control with onboard motorized faders, a fast-reacting, 5” capacitive touch screen, and a full control surface.

Every function is just one or two steps away, with intuitive navigation and hi-contrast interface in all menus. You have complete control of your live mix, all within one of the most compact systems you can find on the market.

The available faders are smooth and silent, and allow a quick view of all mix levels. Faders can be assigned to one of the available mixing layers (MAIN, FX1-FX4, MIX1-MIX8), and to groups of inputs (1-10, 11-20, FX1-4 and Custom).
The ten MIX outputs can also be assigned to the fader bank, allowing a single view of all output signals. The mixer can be fully controlled and configured locally, but also remotely, by means of the M20 MixRemote control app. Inputs can be linked in stereo pairs, and MIX busses can also be linked in stereo for stereo monitoring applications. All parameters, including preamp gains, can be saved and recalled for complete control in any context. The User Key functions can also be driven remotely via MIDI (through the MIDI-USB interface).
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Enhanced FX engines
A paragraph is a self-contained unit of a discourse in writing dealing with a particular point or idea. Paragraphs are usually an expected part of formal writing, used to organize longer prose.
REVERB | Hall, Plate, Room, Ambience.

DELAY | Stereo, Modern, Vintage, Dual, Early Reflections.
MODULATION | Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo.

Output processing
A complete output processing section is available on all outputs: a flexible 8-band parametric EQ with several selectable modes, that also allow different slopes, a time-delay with up to 85 meters compensation, a compressor/limiter, and channel presets with copy and paste utilities. A stereo 30-band graphic equalizer is available on the MAIN outputs for precise corrections of the overall frequency response. Extensive routing options allow flexible use of the physical outputs.
On all outputs, the 8-band parametric equalizer can be configured in various operating modes: the first two and last two bands have selectable filter types, and they can be combined into a single, 24-dB/oct HPF or LPF. This also allows for crossover filtering, useful in combination with the extensive routing capabilities, when a subwoofer is connected to one of the MIX outputs.On all outputs, the 8-band parametric equalizer can be configured in various operating modes: the first two and last two bands have selectable filter types, and they can be combined into a single, 24-dB/oct HPF or LPF. This also allows for crossover filtering, useful in combination with the extensive routing capabilities, when a subwoofer is connected to one of the MIX outputs.

Complete remote control of all M 20 models is available with M20 MixRemote, a dedicated App developed for both iOS and Android. There are several options to connect with the Digital Mixer:

  • Wireless, via an external WiFi Access Point connected to the LAN
  • USB tethering to an Android tablet
  • Wired to an iOS or Android tablet (via LAN adapter)
  • WiFi Dongle, two clients maximum

The M20 MyRemote app gives you a compact control option for your RCF M 20 Series digital mixer, providing control of MIX busses on tablets and smartphones. The app does not pass audio, and it connects to the console via WiFi; therefore, a WiFi access point is required, connected to the mixer. M20 MyRemote lets you:

  • Select the monitor mix (MIX1 to MIX8)
  • View channels numbers, names and mix master meter
  • Control the mix master level
  • Control the mix send levels

M20 MyRemote main view is equivalent to the FADERS > MIX subpages on M20 MixRemote app, and is designed to fit on the screen of a smartphone;