• 2 IN x 2 OUT Stereo Controller/Switcher
  • Rugged Metal Construction
  • High Precision Volume Knob
  • Distortionless Passive Attenuation Circuitry

The MC-1 is a professional passive volume controller with two selectable Combo XLR/TRS stereo inputs, two selectable XLR stereo outputs, built with passive circuitry and a high-quality volume trim. With its ergonomic design and metal knob and chassis, the MC-1 is a robust desktop monitor controller that is silent and colorless, ideal for Recording Facilities, Home Studios, and Entertainment Rooms.

Part number:

EAN 8024530017682

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Mixing rooms commonly have multiple sets of monitors. This allows you to hear how a mix translates to different speakers. As an example, a sound engineer can have a pair of high-precision reference monitors and another lower-quality audio reference to check the consumer listening experience. In this case, a high-quality monitor controller is a problem solver. The MC-1 2x2 stereo passive monitor controller from RCF is completely silent, has no colorations, and is inherently transparent from distortions. Compatible with both professional and consumer audio equipment.


The generous machined metal main rotary controller precisely adjusts the volume level. The DIM switch attenuates the level of 20dBs. The MONO key creates a mono listening of your program to verify the correct phase management of your mix. The MUTE button obviously mutes the program signal. With its elegant and ergonomic look, RCF MC-1 completes the simplified setup in your studio and gives advanced functionality to your listening environment.
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With its comprehensive input connectors, including a pair of Combo XLR/TRS inputs, a pair of balanced TRS jack inputs, and a stereo 3,5 mini-jack connector, MC-1 allows connecting any type of audio source, professional or consumer. Perfect for Recording Facilities, Home Studios, or Entertainment Rooms. The stereo XLR output provides the connection for two stereo speaker pairs. RCF MC-1 easily manages the selection between audio sources and monitors just pressing the dedicated INPUTs and MONITORs switches, comparing A/B.


The main benefit of passive volume attenuation is that you no longer have to control volumes in your Digital Audio Workstation. Reducing audio levels digitally only reduces the bit depth, degrading the overall signal quality. Keep your software main/master levels at unity-gain and passively attenuate the analog signal to your monitoring section.

Pure, simply transparent signal control.

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Standard compliance
Safety agency:
CE compliant
Physical specifications
Cabinet/Case Material:
80 mm / 3.15 inches
140 mm / 5.51 inches
140 mm / 5.51 inches
0.95 kg / 2.09 lbs
Shipping information
Package Height:
116 mm / 4.57 inches
Package Width:
169 mm / 6.65 inches
Package Depth:
174 mm / 6.85 inches
Package Weight:
1.25 kg / 2.76 lbs