• MP 300 system allows conversations between an operator and users /clients when these are separated by a safety glass that reduces the sound transmission
  • Operaties in full-duplex mode, automatic or mixed-switching depending on the ambient noise in the room / hall served
  • On request, each single component can be purchased separately

The MP 300 speak-through system has been expressly designed for facilitating conversation between personnel and customers separated by a glass security window which prevents sound transmission. With the MP 300, conversation is carried out naturally, without the need for pushing buttons or using telephone units. A number of special functions, such as direct or switched mode selection and the “forced volume” function, make it possible to adapt the system to various environments and noise levels. The system is composed of the MP 341 amplification and control unit, the MP 321 operator microphone, the MP 302 user microphone, and the MP 301 speakers.

Part number:

MP 300
EAN 8024530010065

General specifications
Control and amplification unit:
MP 341
Operator microphone console:
MP 321
User microphone:
MP 302
MP 301 (x4)
Standard compliance
CE compliance:
2.72 kg / 6 lbs
Shipping informations
Package Height:
135 mm / 5.31 inches
Package Width:
405 mm / 15.94 inches
Package Depth:
260 mm / 10.24 inches
Package Weight:
3.21 kg / 7.08 lbs