• Permanent and emergency power for installations
  • Performance and reliability for guaranteed power
  • Continuity of service of your installation through real time monitoring of system status
  • Control of the battery and its circuit: protection, management, self-diagnostic
  • Quick and easy installation and user-friendly operation
  • No preventive maintenance: continuous monitoring of the emergency power supply with local display and remote reporting

PS 4048 is a power supply unit suitable to get continuity power for EN 54-16 systems units like DXT 9000 and DXT 7000, and relevant complementary devices in case of mains power supply interruptions. It includes recharging and monitoring functions for the lead-acid batteries connected to it. It must be equipped with batteries with suitable capacity, dimensioned according to the system power absorption and to the evacuation requirements. According to EN 54-16 standard, PS 4048 shall be installed into the same rack cabinet where there is the audio system with emergency purposes (or a system part) to which it is connected.


Part number:

PS 4048
EAN 8024530007232

Standard compliance
EN54-4 certified:
6.4 kg / 14.11 lbs
Shipping informations
Package Weight:
8 kg / 17.64 lbs