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The Transducers Innovators

RCF boasts over 75 years of experience in designing and manufacturing transducers, with a particular focus on moving coil loudspeakers. Our transducers are engineered to optimize the balance between power delivery and sound purity, achieving minimal distortion and the capacity to endure high power levels for extended periods.
RCF's legacy includes pioneering advanced transducer technologies and the application of high-tech materials such as Neodymium, Carbon Fibre, Titanium, Kevlar, Modified Polyether Ether Ketone (PKX), Kapton, and Mylar hybrids.
Our models are subjected to a rigorous evaluation process, featuring a 200-hour continuous signal test designed to challenge the transducers' limits. This demanding stress test ensures that only transducers meeting our stringent standards for durability and performance are selected.
RCF is at the forefront of technological advancements, continually striving for the optimal listening experience. Our design methodology integrates rigorous measurement tests with critical listening sessions, underscoring our commitment to precision tailored for the human ear.
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High-Grade Materials

The inclusion of a high-damping cellulose cone, double polycotton-polyurethane spiders for outstanding stability and control over the moving mass, and a substantial heavy-gauge treated triple cloth surround, contribute to the moving mass's exceptional strength and excursion control. Additionally, a water-repellent treatment ensures suitability across various environments.
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Advanced Compression Drivers

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Kapton®, extensively used in space and for temperature-resistant insulation, is chosen for its ability to retain a unique combination of mechanical properties under the most extreme conditions of heat and vibration.

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Titanium, recognized for its high resistance to corrosion, fatigue and temperature, with high tensile strength-to-density ratio and crack resistance merges durability with superior frequency response.

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PKX (Modified Polyether Ether Ketone) is a rigid, yet lightweight material enhanced with reinforcing ribs for slim dome designs, offering greater precision and reliability than other polymeric materials.

High Power Magnet Designs

Magnet geometry and configuration are optimized for maximum flux density, incorporating thermal management to ensure reliability. Techniques such as computer-aided magnet optimization and FEM analysis refine magnet weight, flux density, and field saturation, significantly reducing driver weight and harmonic distortion.
The T-pole design minimizes flux modulation in the magnetic assembly during typical voice coil movements within the gap. We developed specially designed rings in copper for compression drivers and aluminum for cone transducers. Pressed onto the pole piece, the ring modifies and reduces the magnetic circuit and voice coil inductance, enabling a controlled extension of the acoustic frequency response.
High-Class Neodymium
Neodymium, a rare earth material, enhances efficiency, power handling, and weight reduction. With a 20% stronger magnetic field than typical neodymium grades, our design enable precise control and higher force.
Ferrite Ceramics
Our engineering team has introduced a new ferrite magnet that delivers higher flux in a lightweight design, setting a new standard for ferrite products by minimizing weight without compromising performance. 
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Dual Forced Hyperventing System

Our cooling designs combine various components to create an ideal ventilation system. The RCF engineering team emphasizes finned cooling channels and optimizes the surface area of the front magnetic plate for efficient heat dissipation. The double silicone sealed spider design functions as an air pump, expelling hot air and drawing in fresh air with each movement of the cone assembly.
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Diaphragm Assembly

The diaphragm and suspension are precision-crafted significantly reducing distortion by eliminating resonance points and aiding in suspension breakup mode control. RCF has mastered an oxygen-free process for molding titanium ultrathin films into high-quality, precisely shaped diaphragms. Our current Polyimide-Kapton dome with new bonding technology and reinforced ribs, is ten times more durable than previous models. 

Direct Drive Voice Coil

This setup ensures optimal energy transfer between the voice coil and the dome assembly, resulting in a smoother, extended frequency response beyond 10 kHz, reducing break-up modes, and lowering distortion. This assembly delivers not only high power handling but also excellent mechanical and thermal properties, making RCF compression drivers robust and reliable.

Phase Plugs

Through extensive computer-assisted mathematical modeling and testing, we've developed phase plug geometries that ensure balanced acoustic performance by controlling and lowering air distortion and maximizing output. This allows for a lower compression ratio, generating substantially lower distortion artifacts. The result is high output with smooth acoustic frequency response and low harmonic distortion artifacts.
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Extreme Power Handling

Significant investment in material science, design topology research, and power testing enables us to produce products with unmatched structural integrity, optimal thermal properties, and superior power handling capabilities. Our engineers have developed composite polyimide and fiberglass former materials that withstand peak temperatures above 380°C, far exceeding the thermal demands of contemporary professional audio systems.

Inside/Outside Voice Coils

RCF's unique voice coil design offers several advantages: the dissipation surface is doubled; the adhesion area to the former is doubled; and during thermal expansion, the former is squeezed between inside and outside layers, offering the best mechanical resistance.