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The solution speakers

The game-changing rigging solutions and the versatile arrangement of the transducers allow the speaker to be used alone with an homogeneous coverage and coupled side by side for additional coverage.
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Column array
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Horizontal array

Rigging flexibility

All the mechanical structure is built in high strength structural steel. Thanks to this material the rigging has a high safety factor.
The cabinets feature a steel pole mount cap, multiple suspension brackets on top and bottom and two M8 lateral screws.
Optional rigging accessories include a U-bracket, a multi-purpose fly-bar, and adjustable poles for floor stand or subwoofer pole. The compactness and lightweight of the system, combined with top of class rigging system, guarantee a fast hanging procedure.
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Pole mount
on subwoofer
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Pole mount
on floor stand

Waveguide with coherent directivity

This special waveguide design allows the deployment of multiple TT 4-A for excellent control of directional characteristics.
In difficult acoustic environments, intelligibility is significantly increased.
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60° X 25°
100° X 50°
100° X 25°

State of the art class d amplifiers

Two independent Class-D amplifiers with 1600W total power output per module make the TTL 4-A one of the most powerful column array modules on the market compared to its size.

Temperature under control

Internal temperature control is driven by air flowing via natural convection, cooling its critical parts. The housing of the electronics and the amplifiers in a solid aluminum extrusion block acts as an efficient thermal sink.
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Engineered for maximum reliability

The housing is tightly fitted and sealed to the rear of the cabinet. A recessed and protected panel houses the connections for power and signal.

Input board

The analog input board is fully featured offering XLR input and output link, preset selections, and a pre-loaded equalization bypass switch. Ethercon input and output connect the system in a daisy chain topology for RDNet networked management.

DSP processing

The integrated digital processor is based on a state-of-the-art 32-bit DSP running at 48 kHz sampling rate. The calculation capacity largely exceeds the processing needs and the DSP is never pushed to the limit. It runs algorithms for the crossover, the equalization of the transducers, the limiter, and system presets such as high pass filters, air absorption, and cluster size corrections.

Precision transducers

RCF develops advanced transducer technology including the application of high-tech materials such as Neodymium, Carbon Fiber, Pure Titanium, Kevlar, Kapton and Mylar hybrids.
With over 70 years of design and manufacturing pro audio systems, RCF has been instrumental in technological inventions such as carbon fiber cone molding, double silicon spiders, inside/outside voice coil windings to edge wound voice coil manufacturing and pure titanium diaphragm forming.
Our latest developments have resulted in designing advanced neodymium magnetic circuits, radically new voice coil ventilation systems and groundbreaking direct drive voice coil assemblies.

Weatherproof baltic birch plywood

The TT 4-A cabinet is carefully engineered to pack the maximum output and superb sound quality in the minimum size.
The cabinet is made of high-quality Baltic Birch plywood with every layer glued with a special adhesive.
That makes the cabinet completely water-resistant even before the painting process.

Powder-coated grille

The heavy-duty front grille is powder-coated.
A special transparent-to-sound foam backing on the inside of the grille helps to further protect the transducers from dust.
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Aluminum side handles

The TT 4-A cabinet features two die-cast aluminum side handles with ergonomic rubber hand-grip and two recessed handles on the back.