Outstanding. Power. Processing.

4 x 4000 W

Class D continuous power at 2.7 Ohms

40-bit Floating-point Processing at 96 kHz
and presets for RCF speakers
2U Rack Space

for both touring and installed sound systems

Flexible 32-bit Routing
with analog, digital
and Dante I/O
Advanced Fault Protections
for each amplifier channel and power supply
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Installed Audio

Quality Power for Fixed Sound Systems

XPS Series is the best choice for high-power installation systems such as auditoriums, theme parks, and performance venues. Whether perfectly integrating with RCF passive speakers with ready-to-use presets, XPS provides installation-specific features, including enhanced system status monitoring, GPIOs for extended capabilities, flexible routing, and perfect integration with our proprietary RDNet management platform.

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Tour Sound

Thinking Out of the Box, and Into The Rack

XPS shines when used in touring applications and live events from medium to very large capacity. Paired with RCF high-powered passive speakers, XPS gives a new perspective in sound system management. The system designer now has complete flexibility in choosing powered, or externally amplified speakers, balancing portability, weight, ease of installation, cabling, fast setup speed, and complete remote management, via RDNet.

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Power to Change Everything

Four-Channel Modular Amplifier

XPS 16K provides extreme power density with 4 x 4000 W continuous power outputs in 2 RU space for both touring and installed sound systems. The unit features 4 analog and digital AES/EBU inputs/outputs, a Dante Network ready design, and complete signal processing, tuning, and routing capability all at 96 kHz. Redundancy and full scalability are granted by the advanced and modular design of the circuitry. A complete set of RCF speaker presets is available, with powerful signal processing for complete system tuning.

4 x 4000 W


New Attitude in Sound Management

XPS 16K supports the RCF philosophy with a power-agnostic approach, where the sound system engineer has complete freedom in choosing powered, or externally amplified, modules for their system. XPS 16K offers a new solution for balancing portability, weight, ease of installation, cabling, fast setup speed, and complete remote management of each connected device, via RDNet.

Power You Can Trust

RCF’s effort in assisting both installers and sound providers with the best audio technology and clear, powerful sound is at the core of the company’s beliefs. Since 1949, providing both power amplifiers and transducers to the professional market, the RCF experience marks a new milestone with XPS 16K.


Best–in-class Signal-to-Noise,
Distortion and Dynamic Range specifications

Introducing XPS Amplifiers

Product overview
Advanced processing features, monitoring and control, I/O, application examples

With Great Power Comes Great System Management

Consistent Onboard Experience and Fully Remote Capability

A large 4.3’’ TFT color capacitive touch panel provides full operational control of the amplifier. The user interface is clear and easy to navigate, providing large touch buttons and a practical edit knob, with high-contrast menus designed to avoid any ambiguity in a very bright, or sunny environment. Proprietary RDNet Over Ethernet Management Network and OSC protocol compatibility allow the sound system engineer to have complete remote control of the amplifier.

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Networked control and much more
RDNet is a robust management network and control platform for small, medium and large arena-sized sound systems, as well as complex and extended installations. Based on a proprietary network protocol, RDNet provides intuitive control and monitoring of every connected device/object in the RCF audio system. Each device has DSP to address specific presets or modifications of parameters to single or groups of objects. A network user can change level, delay, EQ (linear phase FiR as well) and other settings, including advanced subwoofer configurations. RDNet is not only designed for loudspeakers—you can control parameters and routing of multiple RCF devices, such as digital matrixes or amplifiers.

RDNet Over Ethernet

RDNet-OE is the latest evolution of RDNet Networked Management for RCF compatible products. Each XPS integrates 4 ethernet ports on the rear panel making it easy to integrate the system into any existing ethernet infrastructure. Several XPS 16K devices can be connected together, to other RDNet compatible devices, or to one or more computers running RDNet software, without requiring an external RCF CONTROL device. All LAN 1-4 ports equally converge to the internal 1Gb/s switch. 


Power-Agnostic RDNet Management

Seamless workflow for both active and passive speakers

RDNet will manage XPS amplifiers as an intermediary device between the user and the speaker, while the speaker will always be at the center of the scene, maintaining the usual control paradigm of RDNet software. The extensive RCF loudspeaker preset database is available within the amplifier and recallable via RDNet. 

The software's synoptic table will show both passive and active devices as fully-featured speakers, while the amplifier is seen as a simple controller for signal routing and maintenance controls. The user can also group speakers and manage advanced settings in a mixed fashion, making no distinction between active or passive architecture.

Scalability and Automatic Device Detection

Complete Network integration via RDNet  

XPS is a scalable system that only requires standard ethernet connections and equipment. RDNet will detect any new devices on the network, take immediate control, and provide monitoring from a remote computer.

Connectivity and Convergence

Four ports available for new Devices, Dante, and RDNet

XPS is a converged system for multiple interconnected devices that does not need an overabundance of infrastructures.


Power-Driven Results

XPS 16K features 4 x 4,000 Watts at 2.7 Ohms power modules in Class D technology with full bandwidth PWM modulator and ultra-low distortion. With 16 kW total continuous power delivery, it's one of the most powerful professional power amplifiers on the market today.

Extreme Speed and Optimal Headroom
Class D Advanced Electronic Design

The extremely high voltage rail design provides dynamic power ratings relative to RMS power output, enabling the modules to deliver high, short sustained non-clipping power bursts and extreme signal peaks. This high power density and efficiency allow for massive power headroom. The amplifier's advanced electronic design has been developed to achieve ultra-low distortion. 

Crank it up
The Clarity and Performance You’d Expect from your RCF Speakers

The amplifier modules feature a form factor and cooling concept optimally designed to enable the delivery of ultra-high power ratings and SPLs from high-performance speaker cabinet designs, such as RCF speakers, equipped with RCF Precision transducers. Best-in-class system efficiency minimizes cooling requirements, ensuring long-term reliability and effective power saving.

Universal Supply
Wide Voltage Tolerance

Universal and regulated Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) automatically adapts to any mains voltage between 100 V and 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz, able to deliver regulated power anywhere in the world. XPS provides extremely wide tolerance for unstable voltage conditions, which means the amplifier’s performance will never be compromised by fluctuating generator power.
The switching mode power supply is tolerant up to 380VAC providing users with worldwide AC acceptance & reliability.

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Flexible Signal Routing

The comprehensive digital architecture of the amplifier features multiple inputs and outputs that can be routed easily to suit any project. Analog inputs 3 and 4 can be switched to 4 AES/EBU digital input ports. Each input can be routed to any of the four digital and power outputs. Dante networking delivers completely lossless audio and near infinite signal routing flexibility on a standard IP network.

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1.    Universal Mains PowerCon Plug
      100V - 240V / 50 to 60 Hz

2.   Fault GPO
3.   2 Programmable GPIO

4.   LAN1 / LAN2 RJ45 Network Connections

5.   4 Analog XLR Inputs (A1/A4)
6.   4 Digital AES/EBU Inputs (A3/A4)
7.   LAN3 / LAN4 Audio Network + Control
      DANTE Primary and Secondary ports
      Up to 32 x 32 channels @ 96 kHz

8.   4 Digital AES/EBU Outputs (O1/O4)

9.   2 + 2 SpeakOn Power Outputs

Dante® Onboard

XPS 16KD LAN 3 and LAN 4 ports are equipped with Ethercon Dante-enabled connectors. Each amplifier becomes a node in Dante digital audio distribution networks.
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Two 40-bit floating-point SHARC DSP chips at 96 kHz

Two 32-bit / 96 kHz DSP chips for signal routing

The Nirvana of Audio Processing

40-bit floating-point processing at 96 kHz, and 32-bit internal routing

The advanced clocking management design provides low latency sample rate conversion with high-quality AD/DA converters up to 96 kHz. Each XPS 16K amplifier combines two 40-bit floating-point SHARC DSP chips at 96 kHz and two more 32-bit DSP chips to independently manage audio processing and signal routing for maximum sound quality and redundancy.

Proprietary FIR Zero Degrees Linear Phase Filters with 600 TAPS Input FIRs
Bass Motion Control woofer excursion management
Fine Tuning
BASS Shaper, Air Compensation, Mid-Low Correction
Backup Recovery Strategy
Fully self-protecting and designed on an ‘audio-at-all-times’ principle
Ultra-Linear DSP
Linear and Low-Noise operation over the entire frequency range
Filters and Crossovers
FIR and IIR filters with Dynamic PEQ, multiple EQ Filters and Crossovers: Peaking, HI/LO-shelving, HI/LO-pass (Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel)
Safety Protections
RMS Limiter, Dynamic Compressor, Power Limiter, Thermal Compressor
Multiple Output Delays
4000 ms Output Delay for each output channel (1372 m / 4501 ft)
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Bass Motion Control

When searching for an extended bass with enhanced performance, RCF engineers found a way to remove the high-pass filter, replacing it with a forward-thinking approach. Introducing BMC (Bass Motion Control), the newly advanced woofer excursion management feature. The speaker equipped with BMC can handle the lowest audible frequencies without affecting the woofer stability, with extended linearity and better sound integrity.

The BMC method works by creating a complete map of the dynamic behavior of the woofer, to generate a custom algorithm that only limits over-excursions. This gives total freedom of signal reproduction to the transducer. When high-pass filters normally protect the woofer motion from becoming destructive but change the phase behavior, the new BMC algorithm breaks conventional rules.

New perspective on linearity

RCF speakers are designed using a proprietary and advanced digital FiR technology, conceived to deliver transparent sound, absolute clarity, and perfect imaging to the listener. The special FiRPHASE filters allow for coherent distribution of sound for all listeners without phase distortions, ensuring minimum latencies in the system.
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Setup. Recall. Fine Tune. Start the Show!

The XPS Series is the perfect companion for your RCF speakers. When used with RCF products, XPS features recallable speaker presets that enables advanced RCF processing algorithms such as FiRPHASE, Bass Motion Control (BMC) and Bass Shaper for the best performance and maximum headroom for each transducer.

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Recallable RCF speaker presets for fast and accurate system tuning.

Check out our system examples:

Fault-Tolerant Architecture

Fully self-protecting and designed on an ‘audio-at-all-times’ principle
All fault protection features are individually implemented for each amplifier channel and power supply. XPS 16K implements several safety strategies with fast and slow protections at both firmware and hardware levels. Scalability and Resilience concepts are interpenetrated in the so-called RDNet-OE converged network, which transports audio and control in a simple and safe way, with priority management.
Closed-loop digital protections
RMS Signal Protection
Protects transducers from thermal issues*
Bass Motion Control
Limits over excursions and gives full freedom of reproduction to the transducer*
Power Supply Output Dynamic Limiter
Provides high-performance during long-lasting bursts
Peak Overvoltage Protection
Protects amplifiers in a highly responsive way
RMS Overcurrent Protection
Designed for short circuit protection
Gain modulation for Thermal Protection

Calculated by weighing the signals at variable temperatures with sensors applied to power and amplification modules

Hardware protections
Current and Voltage Protections
Protects from load currents and voltages that can cause unintended operation or damage
Speakers' Impedance Measurement

Monitors power cables’ connections status, and provides system's check strategies

Fans forced Convection Dissipation

Air forced through speed-controlled fans maximizes heat dissipation and reduces noise

* specific for each RCF speaker, defined and calibrated by RCF.
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Customized Quality Control

All amplifier modules are subjected to rigorous quality testing during the production process.

Each device is quality controlled with automated equipment and human supervision. Our QC process ensures that every individual amplifier module performs at best off the production line and into the box. This unique system ensures extremely tight quality loops, securing a high overall quality level.

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