Installation SPORTS AND STADIUMS 12 Apr 2023

Katowice Sports Center Features RCF Sound Solutions

The MOSiR Katowice Sports Center, opened in fall 2022, Poland, is a premier sports and recreation facility offering training facilities for amateur and professional athletes.The complex features a full-size football pitch, baseball diamond, two beach volleyball courts, and multi-purpose courts suitable for handball and basketball.

The track and field venue has a 5-lane polyurethane running track with an adjoining straightaway, long jump runway, high jump, shot put, pole vault and sandpit. The facility also houses an outdoor gym and cycle path.

RCF sound systems were installed to provide optimum acoustic coverage across the expansive and versatile sports center. Five types of weather-resistant RCF speaker sets were selectively deployed to ensure sound quality in all areas.

The P Series speakers (P 6215, P 4228, P 3108) were positioned to broadcast audio for the sports arena, baseball field, stands at the sports arena and multi-purpose courts respectively. The MQ 80P speakers feature an IP55 rating, and were installed in the club house stands, delivering high speech intelligibility and high-fidelity background music.

In aggregate, the RCF audio solution provides studio-grade sound throughout the MOSiR Katowice Sports Center, guaranteeing an unparalleled aural experience for athletes, spectators and visitors. The installation was expertly executed by TOMMEX, official RCF install products distributor for Poland.

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