Beach Bitch Festival in Alfeld Delivers Top-Notch Sound with RCF

The Beach Bitch Festival, which took place on August 26th in Alfeld, was once again a highlight on this year's event calendar. In addition to its family-friendly orientation and a limited audience of around 1,000 guests, the event particularly stood out for its top-tier line-up and impressive sound quality.

Technical service provider, IMM Pro Event GmbH, ensured that bands like the headliners "Mr. Irish Bastard" and "Wisecräcker", as well as "LONELY SPRING", "SOKO LiNX", "Blum", "stielow", "FRAUPAUL", and "Boney & The Shakers" were heard to their best advantage. The support from IMM Professional was instrumental in this.

On the main stage, 12x HDL 30-A Line Array Modules, 6x SUB 9006-AS active subwoofers, 8x TT 25-CXA monitors, and 2x TT 10-A as infills were used. This ensured a rich and clear sound that perfectly conveyed even the finest nuances of the performances. The secondary stage, affectionately called "Sidestage", relied on a sound system consisting of 2x NXL 44-A MKII, each on a SUB 8006-AS, and 4x NX 12-SMA stage monitors were provided.

A special highlight of the Beach Bitch Festival was its all-inclusive concept. All attendees could not only enjoy the music but also partake in food and drinks at no additional cost. The complimentary camping added to the relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere.

The Beach Bitch Festival is a labor of love by Hula Music e.V., which lovingly takes care of the planning and execution of the event year after year. The attention to detail and dedication of the association are palpable, making the festival an unforgettable experience.

For more information and impressions from the festival, visit the official website at https://www.beachbitchrock.de/.

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