Installation NIGHTLIFE AND RESTAURANTS 28 Feb 2023

HND Events Equips Monkey Bar with High-Quality RCF Audio System

Laon, France - Monkey Bar is a popular hangout spot for locals and visitors alike, offering a great atmosphere to enjoy good vibes day and night on weekends. To enhance the experience for their customers, HND EVENTS, RCF installer for the French market, was brought in to equip the venue with a high-quality audio system.

HND EVENTS selected RCF's multi-diffusion COMPACT M06/M08 speakers, powered by IPS Series amplifiers, to provide an immersive audio experience. In addition, for extra energy during DJ sets or small live events, they added a pair of suspended ART 932-A speakers. The entire system is managed by the DX 2006 processor for optimal sound control.
David PRUVOT from HND EVENTS expressed his appreciation for the COMPACT M Series from RCF, stating that “they are very versatile, offer premium sound quality, and seamlessly integrate into any space. The new design of the ART 9 is perfect for visual integration with the COMPACT M cabinets. The ART 932-A speakers provided an amazing sound without any particular EQ corrections.”
With the installation of the RCF audio system, MONKEY BAR is now a top-notch spot for customers to enjoy quality music and great vibes in LAON.

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