Installation SPORTS AND STADIUMS 16 Oct 2023

New Radomiak Radom Stadium Equipped with RCF Sound System

Radom, Poland – The new Radomiak Radom stadium is now equipped with a sound system featuring the latest audio technology with a large number of RCF speakers for high-quality vocal intelligibility and music reproduction.
The Radomiak Radom stadium is a modern, multi-purpose facility that can host a variety of events, including sporting or recreational events and other cultural gatherings. The new Radomiak stadium is built partly on the site of the old Czachor Brothers Stadium (stadion im. Braci Czachorów).

The construction of the new Radomiak Radom stadium began back in 2017 and has been extended several times. The entire project, known as the Radom Sports Center, cost 270 million Polish złoty and included a new football facility and a multi-purpose sports venue. Currently, the stadium has two stands: the northern and southern ends, with the club side aims to proceed quickly with the construction of two additional stands: facing east and west. The current capacity of the stadium is 8,840 spectators, and the target capacity with additional stands will provide seats for up to 15,000 spectators.
The main system consists of 34 RCF P6215 line array speakers and 4 RCF HL 2290 horn speakers mounted on the roof of the stadium. These speakers provide a powerful and evenly distributed sound field for the entire stadium. The interior of the stadium is also equipped with a sound system, including RCF CMR 60T and RCF WMR 60T speakers. These speakers provide a clear and balanced sound for areas such as the press box, VIP suites, and concession stands. TOMMEX, the official distributor for RCF Install products in Poland, designed and supplied the system. TOMMEX managed the start-up stage and tuning, while the installation was led by UP LED Sp. Z o.o. from Stalowa Wola.
The audio installation also provides a number of advanced features, including a hearing loop system for three zones on the south stand, which allows people with hearing impairments to hear the sound directly in their hearing aids.
“We are delighted to have been chosen to design and install the sound system for the new Radomiak Radom stadium,” said Marcin Zimny, Commercial Director of TOMMEX. “This is a state-of-the-art facility, and we wanted to provide a sound system that would match its quality. We are confident that the new system will deliver an exceptional sound experience for all attendees.”
The new sound system was used for the first time on August 5, 2023, when Radomiak played against Cracovia Kraków in the PKO BP Ekstraklasa. The new stadium received rave reviews from fans and players alike.

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