Augusta Production Services is a premium supplier of professional audio and lighting solutions based in South Australia. As the first point of call for regional events, Augusta rely on RCF’s HDL series to meet the needs of a multitude of promoters and entertainers, whilst weathering South Australia’s often harsh climate.

Operating systems with up to 16 x RCF HDL20-A and 8 x HDL6-A line array modules, Augusta entrust their Front of House duties to RCF’s sonic superiority and world-renowned build quality. With tour-grade safe and solid variable mechanics, and a structurally wooden-reinforced composite polypropylene enclosure, the HDL series is a highly dependable option in the large array format.

Augusta Production Services’ proprietor and engineer Alan Phillips, says the units are perfect for the rigours of setup and operation in the regional South Australian weather. “We are often deploying them for applications in 45-50 degree heat. Even in heavy use, we’ve never had any trouble with Thermal Overload. They’ve also been rained on- practically saturated- with no issues there either. The systems have had a zero-percent failure rate- they are exceptional.”

These modules often exceed the expectations of the show promoters

The HDL20A is a no-compromise line array mid-high powered module, featuring 2 x 10” woofers and a 3” compression driver, capable of delivering an extraordinary 135dB max SPL. The HDL6A is an efficient line array powered module, featuring 2 x 6” woofers and a 1.7” compression driver; the ideal choice when line array performance is needed, and a fast and easy set-up is a must.

Augusta make use of both systems in conjunction with Quest HPI-18BP and HPI-218 subwoofers, driven by Camco V6 or V8 amplifiers (depending on application) as either ground-stacked or flown setups. For larger events, the HDL6’s are used as in-fills, but for smaller events the HDL6’s are ground-stacked as their own system. All stage monitoring is handled by Quest QM-12MP loudspeakers, QM700s and occasionally QM12DCs, which are driven by Camco iD4 amplifiers.
Alan says that client reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. “These modules often exceed the expectations of the show promoters. A few of them have been quite ecstatic- they tend to be surprised we can offer a quality system in a regional setting like this. I’ve had some very positive feedback regarding intelligibility and the system’s extended throw.”

Augusta Production Services have worked with both national and international talent covering a wide spectrum of performance, from EDM festivals to Rock concerts. Some of these artists include Daryl Braithwaite, Toni Childs, Archie Roach, Savage, Will Sparks, Mashd N Kutcher, Tiger Lilly, Electric Fields, Justice Crew and Troy Casser-Daly.

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