The musical Le Tour Du Monde En 80 Jours completed the shows at Euroexpo in Lyon in front of 3,000 spectators. GDS Productions used an RCF HDL 30-A system reinforced by 9007-AS subs, and a DPA microphone kit.

Le Tour Du Monde En 80 Jours was produced in 2018 with a mixture of circus, dance, comedy, and music. This musical is an original Christmas creation by the Grain De Sable troupe (GDS Prod) adapted from the novel by Jules Verne. The show is designed by GDS under the direction of Corinne Roux. Audio Technologies provided by On Stage Audiovisual with Mehdi Ould Brahim on the FOH console.

Additional equipment was provided by Feeling Music and technical assistance from Emanuele Morlini, RCF's Audio Specialist.

The audio system deployed is designed for an average of 3,000 people audience. The main system hangs rely on 10 HDL 30-A per side and 10 SUB 9007-AS in arc-delay configuration. The first rows of seating are served by four HDL 6-A. The whole system signal is based on an AES/EBU digital connection through CR16 racks controlled by the RCF’s RDNet networked system management. Mehdi chose a Yamaha CL5 as his main mixing console.

For the last dates of the 2019 season at Euroexpo in Lyon, the production chooses a more muscular configuration based on the HDL 30-A line array with an AES link between the console and CR16 racks.

The HDL 30-A is an active two-way line array module with 2,200W power amplifier, a DSP ensuring FIR filtering between the two 10" and the 4" titanium dome motor, but also the protection and all the necessary DSP corrections controllable via the RDNet network. The size of the dome allows it to cover a very broad spectrum down to 680 Hz which guarantees excellent vocal rendering.

The RCF SUB 9007-AS are very high-performance subs with two 21” long-excursion transducers, neodymium magnet, double 4” coil, and Hyperventing cooling. The membrane is lightweight but extremely rigid, to be driven by an impressive power of 3,600W RMS. As for the line array, the 9007 is controlled via RDNet and has two choices for the low-cut filter at 25 and 35 Hz and 5 for the top, which allows it to connect well with the 10 HDL 30-A.

Mehdi magnifies the quality of the six DPA 4088 microphone capsules connected to the Sennheiser D6000 wireless system, digitally transmitted via Dante to the console. Six Shure PSM 900 in-ear receivers provide monitoring feedback to the lead roles.

Four Cisco switches allow the Dante stream to be routed with the security provided by redundancy. The sound sources are played by Ableton Live 10 here again with Dante from a MacBook Pro touch-controlled by an iPad Pro to launch the sequences.

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