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It was with a vision of innovation and uniqueness that husband and wife team of Komal and Shailendra Lalwani, opened Zarza to offer an exquisite dining and clubbing experience to the folks of India’s Pink City (Jaipur). Sitting atop Dreamax Plaza, Zarza offers panoramic view of the city. The al-fresco multi-deck dining experience, with full bar, is the first in the state, while the two-layered night club, spread across 1350 sq ft, has a blend of seating and dance floor.  

“Jaipur is an exotic destination for globetrotters and partygoers,” says Shailendra. “People from across the world visit Jaipur for its historical significance and they love to party hard when the sun goes down,”. He continues, “Zarza provides a whole new experience for the guests and to ensure the best sound system, we commissioned an RCF line array, which was supplied and installed by Hi-Tech Audio Systems of New Delhi. RCF immediately showed its potential at the launch party where Raghu Dixit headlined.” 
Shaliendra himself was involved at every stage of the project. “Hi-Tech Audio Systems advised us in selecting the best sound for our club,” he said, while praising the technical help provided by Kallol Nath, System Application Engineer of Hi-Tech Audio Systems and his team. 
Kallol Nath added his own comments. “For me it’s been an overwhelming experience to work on this plush project. We have taken the client’s brief and concluded that the RCF HDL 20-A [line array] was the most suitable for Zarza.” The venue is installed with hangs consisting of three elements per side, two RCF V218-S subwoofers an RCF QPS 9600 4-channel power amp and a BSS BLU 100 DSP processor. “The much needed punch of the sound is achieved without any pinching, unwanted frequencies or excess volume at the venue,” he confirms. 
 Along with the technical team, Hi-Tech Audio Systems’ sales team were also involved closely from day one of the project. Nirdosh Aggarwal, Director Sales of Hi-Tech Audio Systems, shares his experience. “Music is an important part of the concept of Zarza and therefore it was extremely important to have a sound system that worked perfectly in the early evening hours, when music should be more in the background, and later to be played at a higher level.” Akshay Rajput, Sales Manager of Hi-Tech Audio System, further adds, “We understand that guests like to be able to talk with their friends as well as party, and as there are different zones spread across the venue, our technical team has cleverly placed the speakers to ensure an even sound flow. RCF is the best choice, both functionally and economically.”

Rajan Gupta, Managing Director of Hi-Tech Audio Systems has been associated with various clients from the club and leisure industry across India over the years. He concludes, “It was a pleasure to carry out the installation in Zarza. The concept is to maintain an opulent ambience and at the same time to invest in a quality sound system that can deliver a world-class standard. The difference can only be felt once you visit Zarza and experience the power of RCF.”

the concept is to maintain an opulent ambience and at the same time to invest in a quality sound system that can deliver a world-class standard. the difference can only be felt once you visit zarza and experience the power of RCF
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