The latest 01.64 firmware version includes:

  • New Bluetooth Restore option
  • Improved robustness of Bluetooth initialization
  • Improved Bluetooth enable procedure

In addition to the several fixes and improvements introduced with version 1.60:

  • Minor bug fixes & Improvements
  • Improved Bluetooth communication, and optimal behavior with latest iOS and Android OS versions
  • Brightness bug fix
  • Display flickering fix
  • EQ settings loss fix

The upgrade to ver. 01.64 is strongly recommended.

Note: in rare cases, the Bluetooth section locks and communication is not possible anymore. If this happens, with version 01.64 you can restore Bluetooth settings as follows:

  • Press and hold the Bluetooth PAIR pushbutton for more than 4 seconds; the RESTORE BLUETOOTH popup will appear
  • Press the encoder to confirm the operation, and follow instructions on screen. At the end, a power cycle is required.

To take advantage of the new functions, EVOX JMIX firmware version 01.60 is required.

Please check the firmware version of your unit (visible in HOME > Info).

If you have an earlier firmware version, follow our guide here to updatee your JMIX8.

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What you need:

  • Windows (7 and higher) or Macos (10.5 and higher) computer with USB port
  • USB Cable
  • The Firmware Update Guide
  • Two Software packages: 1. Evox JMIX8 Firmware Update software (Mac/Win) 2. Firmware update latest version
Download the last version of EVOX JMIX 8 Firmware from the Download section of the product