• 1000 W (LF) + 900 W (MHF) power handling
  • 148 dB max SPL
  • 43 ÷ 18000 Hz frequency range
  • 60° x 30° coverage angles
  • Fully equipped with neodymium transducers
  • Bi-amped system with passive filter between MF and HF
  • Horn Loaded symmetric design
  • Baltic birch plywood cabinet and steel grille
  • Weatherproof treatment

HVL 15-P1 is a three-way, bi-amp loudspeaker system for long-throw applications, outfitted with 2 x 15” woofers, 2 x 10” midranges, and 2 x 4.0” voice coil, titanium dome compression drivers. Equipped with the latest generation of RCF precision transducers with powerful neodymium magnets, HVL 15-P1 provides very high output and accurate sound and voice reproduction. The system, driven in bi-amped mode, can produce a max SPL of 145 dB MHF, handling 1000 W RMS (LF) + 900 W RMS (MHF). An internal passive filter provides crossover and equalization between the midranges and the compression drivers. The horizontal coverage is 60°, and the vertical coverage is 30°. A heavy-duty, weatherproof barrier strip provides connections. The cabinet is made of Baltic birch plywood. The finishing is a waterproof, textured, polyurea coating. The grille is in epoxy coated heavy-duty steel with open-cell fibers and water repellent woven-fabric backing. The back of the cabinet is shaped for under-balcony installation.


Part number:

HVL 15-P1 W
EAN 8024530018702

Long throw applications

Focusing on stadiums and big arenas, HVL Series speakers are capable of true, concert-level high performance in arena-sized venues. Featuring point source, line source, and subwoofers speakers, all modules embed RCF Precision Transducers, horns, and waveguides for optimal coverage and clarity. The cabinet’s design with coplanar woofers and horns produces identical left and right coverage, capable of delivering serious sonic horsepower within the stadium while maintaining intelligibility and even coverage at every seat.
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Precision transducers

With in-house transducers’ design and manufacturing for no-compromise performances, the HVL Series excels in any comparison. All transducers feature state of the art neodymium magnetic circuits, radically new voice coil ventilation systems, and ground-breaking voice coil assemblies.

Low frequencies 2 x 15” high-power woofer, 3,5" inside/outside voice coil, dual spider, hypervented, neodymium magnet.

Mid frequencies 2 x 10” neodymium midrange, 3" voice coil, high performance sealed basket design.

High frequencies 2 x 4” neodymium compression driver, titanium dome, 4 slot phase plug, copper inductance ring for extended response.

4path waveguide

The custom 4 PATH-designed waveguide allows precise coverage while also delivering an excellent, linear high-frequency response. The unique shape of the four ducts forming the guide creates an ideal isophasic load from the vocal range up to the highest audible frequencies.
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Consistent robustness

Reduce the commissioning time on your new projects with HVL’s modular array-ability, multiple directivity indexes (Q, and small footprint in comparison to its power. HVL can lower overall system costs by delivering full coverage with fewer modules precisely matching the audience area. Rated for direct-exposure outdoor installations, each cabinet is made of Baltic birch plywood with polyurea coating and includes a weatherproof barrier strip for connections. The grille is powder-coated heavy-duty steel with open-cell fibers and water repellent woven-fabric backing.
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Customization without boundaries

Our Engineering Support Group works side by side with the R&D Department to create tailor-made equipment based on the client’s real needs – complete with rigging accessories, signal processing, or custom mechanics. We are not only suppliers of standard products but also a team of highly skilled engineers who develop personalized audio solutions. Contact the RCF team to learn more about customization and color options to suit your unique environment. Each project has important benchmarks and we will help you to get the job done. 
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Acoustical specifications
Frequency Response (-10dB):
43 Hz ÷ 18000 Hz
Frequency Response (-3dB):
59 Hz ÷ 13000 Hz
Max SPL @ 1m:
148 dB
Horizontal coverage angle:
Vertical coverage angle:
Directivity index Q:
Power section
Nominal Impedance LF:
8 ohm
Power Handling LF:
1000 W
Peak Power Handling LF:
4000 W
Recommended Amplifier LF:
2000 W
Sensitivity LF:
97 dB
Nominal Impedance MF+HF:
8 ohm
Power Handling MF+HF:
900 W
Peak Power Handling MF+HF:
3600 W
Recommended Amplifier MF+HF:
1800 W
Sensitivity MF + HF:
111 dB
Protections MF+HF:
Dynamic Active Mosfet
Crossover Frequencies:
1000 Hz
Compression Driver:
2 x 1.4'' neo, 4.0'' v.c
2 x 10'' neo, 3.0'' v.c
2 x 15'' neo, 3.5'' v.c
Input/Output section
Input connectors:
Screw Terminals
Output connectors:
Screw Terminals
Standard compliance
Safety agency:
CE compliant
Physical specifications
Cabinet/Case Material:
Baltic birch plywood
n° 8 x M20 on each side panel
n° 8 x M20 on top and bottom panel
White - RAL 9010, Black - RAL 9005
525 mm / 20.67 inches
1380 mm / 54.33 inches
734 mm / 28.9 inches
110 kg / 242.51 lbs
Shipping information
Package Height:
840 mm / 33.07 inches
Package Width:
1405 mm / 55.31 inches
Package Depth:
545 mm / 21.46 inches
Package Weight:
120 kg / 264.55 lbs