Installation SPORTS AND STADIUMS 24 Jan 2022

The Wrocław Hall of Combat Sports

The Hall of Combat Sports in Wrocław is a part of an expanding sports complex located on Racławicka street in the city of Wrocław, built on the ruins of old swimming pools. The complex is owned by WKS Śląsk Wrocław (WKS denoting Army Sports Club). The Hall serves the town’s citizens and the WKS Śląsk club members in four combat disciplines: classical wrestling, judo, boxing, and weightlifting. The total area of the complex covers 3.200 square meters. The main hall has expandable stands for 400 seats and can be divided into four independent zones, each with 100 seat capacity, using moveable walls. Additional viewers/fans can also observe their favorite sportsmen from the balcony. The Hall’s sound system can work in multiple zones, independently controlled. The new sound system, designed by TOMMEX, official distributor for RCF Install products in Poland, is based on RCF Compact M Series. Compact M12s were used for the sound on the main competition area (two speakers per zone), while Compact M08s were installed on top of each stand (two speakers per zone). Four mobile rack stations manage the sound of the hall, located in each competition area: One main 15U rack with 16-ch analog mixer, microphones receivers, and audio player, and three 6U racks with RCF PR 4093 analog mixers, microphones, and audio player. Additional wireless control of the system is available using a tablet – with zone selection, mute, volume control, connected to the internal WiFi network.

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