Beyond conventional sound

RCF BUSINESS MUSIC offers a complete range of products to design audio systems for background and foreground music in public spaces. High audio quality and a flexible architecture, allowing the distribution of different audio programs in multiple environments, each with specific acoustic requirements. From small to large systems, the RCF Business Music provides the smartest solution, blending uncompromised sound quality, full processing features, exceptional power, easy configuration, and high scalability.

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Learn how to use RCF BUSINESS MUSIC products and discover the many features and accessories they have to offer for your installation.

Multipurpose sound

Combining modern design, on-board processing, and RCF sound quality to deliver an excellent audio experience.
The application range is extensive and varies from retail stores to bars and restaurants, meeting rooms, education or public facilities, and in general to any A/V application.
Small shop
Background music in a small area such as a beauty salon and similar.
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Large retail shop
Background music in a large retail shop.
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Meeting rooms
Multimedia application in a meeting room or a corporate space.
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Bars and pubs
Sound reinforcement in a bar/pub with two rooms and two music programs.
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Application examples

Discover our collection of installation examples for the most common public spaces with configurations, schematics, and product lists.
Background music in a restaurant with two or more dining areas.
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Multi-room clubs
Audio system for background and foreground music in a multi‑room club.
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Live announcements and background music in a supermarket.
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Fitness centers
Background music in a sport facility or a fitness center.
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Shopping Center
Live announcements and background music for Shopping Centers and Malls.
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Dance Floor
High power sound system with subwoofer for Clubs and Disco.
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Live Stage
High power foreground music system for live exhibitions in a Club.
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Improve the audio atmosphere

Music nurtures engagement and improves the feeling of hospitality provided by the environment. All products designed for Business Music applications offer optimal background performance preserving the same quality even in high powered foreground music.
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Discreet power

Our designers maintain a strong focus on simplicity without compromising usability. The smooth and subtle design perfectly blends with any architecture, without compromising on sound performance and ease of installation.

Easy and flexible configuration

Flexible and easy for any user, the configuration is a crucial point for the success of a sound reinforcement system. Business Music line offers different configuration levels, from the user-friendly front panel control interface to remote RDNet control for large and complex systems.
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Scalable architecture

Control units can distribute up to four audio channels to satellite units on a single CAT5 cable: this allows an increase of the installed power and creates a multi-room architecture, with easy devices connection.

Complete audio solutions

The Business Music line includes Electronics (Amplifiers and Accessories), and Speakers, to offer complete solutions and maximize the overall acoustic performance.
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Amplifiers feature incredibly compact size that makes them ideal for both desktop and rack installation. Their final design, together with IP 30 protection grade and high-efficiency thermal dissipation, represents a junction point between professional and consumer markets.
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Speakers line in wood or composite materials, with professional audio performance, and a highly valued industrial design features. Available in multiple colors, featuring weatherproof enclosures, with multiple rigging accessories.
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Networked control and much more
RDNet is a robust management network and control platform for small, medium and large arena-sized sound systems, as well as complex and extended installations. Based on a proprietary network protocol, RDNet provides intuitive control and monitoring of every connected device/object in the RCF audio system. Each device has DSP to address specific presets or modifications of parameters to single or groups of objects. A network user can change level, delay, EQ (linear phase FiR as well) and other settings, including advanced subwoofer configurations. RDNet is not only designed for loudspeakers—you can control parameters and routing of multiple RCF devices, such as digital matrixes or amplifiers.