• Tour grade cabinet and mechanics
  • 3500 Watt, 4 way amplification
  • 6 x high power neodymium transducers
  • High quality analog input board
  • 96 kHz, 32 bit DSP processing
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Maximum output per size on the market
  • RDNet on board

The TTL55-A is a high power, three way, active line array module engineered to deliver an incredible output for use in indoor or outdoor large spaces. The system is designed to be easily scalable from few modules for medium and small theatres to full size arrays for very large outdoor stadia and public spaces. The three new designs for the six neodymium transducers that power the system represent the result of many years dedicated in pioneering new solutions using the best materials available on the market. The integration of the 3500 W four channel digital amplification and the advanced digital processing set a new standard for distortion, noise and thermal efficiency.

Part number:

TTL 55-A
220-240V, EAN 8024530008598

TTL 55-A
100-120V, EAN 8024530008604

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Networked control and much more
RDNet is a robust management network and control platform for small, medium and large arena-sized sound systems, as well as complex and extended installations. Based on a proprietary network protocol, RDNet provides intuitive control and monitoring of every connected device/object in the RCF audio system. Each device has DSP to address specific presets or modifications of parameters to single or groups of objects. A network user can change level, delay, EQ (linear phase FiR as well) and other settings, including advanced subwoofer configurations. RDNet is not only designed for loudspeakers—you can control parameters and routing of multiple RCF devices, such as digital matrixes or amplifiers.
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Active advantage

An active sound system means having the power amplifier on-board of the cabinet. This brings some advantages:
  • Reduced setup time
  • Daisy chain signal and power connection of the entire system or by groups
  • No additional amplifier rack(s), saving space in the truck
  • The sound quality and performance are optimized to the individual components inside the speaker
  • The RDNet Networked Control can monitor each component of the system

State of the art class-D amplifiers

Four independent Class-D amplifiers with Power Factor Correction, 2x1000W+1000W+500W (LF+MF+HF), delivering an astonishing output power of 3500 W per module, making the TTL55-A one of the most powerful line arrays module on the market. The amplifier integrates a low noise 96 kHz, 32-bit floating point DSP circuit to compute FiRPHASE, soft clipping limiters, RMS limiters, polarity, amplitude, timing and equalization. All the control settings, monitoring of each component and other advanced features are integrated in the RDNet Networked Management software.
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Neodymium rcf precision transducers

Thanks to the in-house transducers design and manufacturing for no-compromise performances, the TTL 55-A is the RCF flagship line array.
Low frequencies - 2 x 12” low profile neodymium woofers, 4” coice coil, in clam shell band-pass configuration
Mid frequencies - 1 x 10” neodymium midrange, 2,5” voice coil in horn loaded configuration
High frequencies - 3 x 1,5” neodymium compression driver, 2.5” voice coil, titanium dome, in horn-array configuration


The carefully engineered TTL55-A cabinet packs the maximum output and superb sound quality in the minimum size possible. The electronics housing fits and seals the rear of the cabinet. Two recessed panels protect all the signal connectors. The internal structure is heavily braced to survive long term use and transportation. All the parts are assembled on metal inserts with metric screws. The water-resistant cabinet is the result of a careful treatment of the high-quality Baltic Birch plywood. The heavy-duty polyurea paint creates a very thick full coating making the cabinet highly resistant to scratches and bumps. The front grille is powder coated. A special transparent-to-sound foam backing on the inside of the grille helps to further protect the transducers from dust.
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FiRPHASE on TT+ and HDL series
This active speaker can be upgraded with FiRPHASE.
Please download the latest RDNet software release and follow the upgrade procedure to enhance the speaker processing with FiRPHASE.
The Firmware Upgrade is simple and automated:
• connect the device to RDNet 
• the system immediately checks the Firmware version and upgrades it if needed.
The sound of the upgraded system will change significantly. Note that the new upgraded modules will not be compatible with the older ones.
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Acoustical specifications
Frequency Response:
50 Hz ÷ 20000 Hz
Max SPL @ 1m:
143 dB
Horizontal coverage angle:
Vertical coverage angle:
Compression Driver:
3 x 1.5'' neo, 2.5'' v.c
10'' neo, 3.5'' v.c
2 x 12'' neo, 4.0'' v.c
Input/Output section
Input signal:
Input connectors:
XLR, RDNet Ethercon
Output connectors:
XLR, RDNet Ethercon
Input sensitivity:
+4 dBu
Processor section
Crossover Frequencies:
320 Hz - 1300 Hz
Thermal, Excurs., RMS
Soft Limiter
DSP controlled
Power section
Total Power:
7000 W Peak, 3500 W RMS
High frequencies:
1000 W Peak, 500 W RMS
Mid frequencies:
2000 W Peak, 1000 W RMS
Low frequencies:
4000 W Peak, 2000 W RMS
Powercon IN/OUT
Physical specifications
Cabinet/Case Material:
Baltic birch plywood
Array Fly - Ware
2 Side
380 mm / 14.96 inches
1020 mm / 40.16 inches
550 mm / 21.65 inches
70.5 kg / 155.43 lbs
Shipping information
Package Height:
909 mm / 35.79 inches
Package Width:
1144 mm / 45.04 inches
Package Depth:
499 mm / 19.65 inches
Package Weight:
81 kg / 178.57 lbs

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